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Roof repairs can be necessary because of events that are beyond the control of a property owner.  Sometimes roofing repairs are necessary because of events that could have been prevented.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they need a roofing repair contractor until a roof leak takes place.  While roof leaks themselves tend not too be costly, if the problem is not fixed significant structure damage can occur to the property.  This additional damage is likely to far exceed the cost of the initial roofing repair.  Below are some of the common reasons that a roof may require a roofing repair contractor.

  • Neglected Roof        • Hail Damage    • Wind Damage
  • Improper Design    •  Flashing Problems

Our Roof Repair services areas include:  Bay Village, Westlake, Rocky River, Lakewood, North Olmsted Avon and Avon Lake.  We are adding more services areas daily please give us a call today at 216-221-5374 to see if we are now in your area.

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Hail Damaged Roof

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Neglected Roof

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